Your vacation is finally here and we are so happy to be able to help you spend some fun-filled, relaxing days on our beautiful beaches. The beach house you have chosen to stay in is privately owned and at times used by the owners. They want you to enjoy the unit as you would your own home, but would appreciate you leaving the unit in the same condition it was in when you arrived. Upon your arrival, please inspect the premises for any damage and report it at 251-504-1234 immediately.



1. Remove all food and trash from unit and place in proper trash containers outside.
2. Leave all dishes and pots clean and put away.
3. Close and lock all windows and doors when leaving.
4. Leave both sets of keys in lock box.
5. Turn off all lights, (including underneath the house).

INVENTORY: Please do not remove inventory items. Any items missing from a unit’s inventory will be replaced and the cost deducted from your deposit.

HEATING/COOLING: Please keep doors and windows closed when not in use; this conserves electricity and protects the inside of the beach house.

TOILETS/DRAINS: Be careful of what you flush down the toilet or let down the drain. Repairs that are the result of tenant negligence will be withheld from tenant deposit.

GARBAGE DISPOSAL: Please do not put shrimp peelings, onionskins, eggshells, bones, oyster shells or aluminum pop-tops down the disposal. Negligence will be withheld from tenant deposit.

BARBEQUE GRILLS: If you do grill, do not use open barbecue grills on the decks or on the ground floor under unit. This is a fire hazard and against fire department regulations. If you do grill, please do so on the sand away from the house. Please do not dispose of charcoal in the sand.


INDOOR FURNITURE: Please avoid staining indoor furnishings. Do not sit on indoor furniture, bedspreads, etc. with wet swimsuits or while wearing suntan oil or lotion. Do not take indoor furniture outdoors. Do not move furniture around from one room to another, including televisions.

DECK FURNITURE: Deck furniture is not to be taken out to the beach.

MAINTENANCE PROBLEMS: Emergencies on air conditioning, plumbing, refrigerators, heating and electrical are priority calls and will be tended to, as a qualified technician becomes available. If the problem is not an emergency, please report it to our office the next business day.

LOCKED CLOSETS: Property owner maintains a locked closet and/or utility room in the house for storage of personal possessions. Please respect these locked closets and utility rooms. They are not included in your rental.

LINENS: One set of bed linens, one set of towels and washcloths, and one set of kitchen towels are provided.

LOCK-OUTS: If you find yourself locked out, please call 251-504-1234, a $45 charge will be accessed.

TRASH: Trash pick up is on Monday and Thursday.

MISCELLANEOUS: Please do not allow children to dig large holes in sand within 50 ft. of home or decks. Please do not disconnect any of the wiring on the electronics.

Enjoy Your Stay!